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What is the JCC Web Builder?

The JCC Web-builder is a website solution created in the WordPress environment. It includes an arsenal of modules that meet a range of JCC website needs:






















CRM Integration

How is the Web Builder Offered?

The JCC Web Builder has three implementation options to meet a range of needs for JCCs. Internal resources and knowledge of WordPress are important factors when considering which option.

Best fit for JCCs With
Do it Yourself

JCC receives core set of modules, templates and tools

JCC plans, configures, builds site

Internal Webmaster with WordPress proficiency

Engaged Marketing staff and leadership team


Includes $5,000 Co-op Licensing Fee

8 hours of vendor support

Installation on host

Jump Start

Vendor provides consultation to support JCC with website creation

Vendor provides training to JCC staff for page creation using JCC Web-builder modules

Internal staff with web management experience

Typical JCC site requirements met by core modules

Moderate budget

$16,000 ($17,500 with CRM)

Includes $5,000 ($6500) Co-op Licensing Fee

50 hours of vendor support

Installation on host


Vendor creates custom templates and pages

Vendor provides configuration, training and consultation services

Level of engagement to be negotiated with vendor

Limited internal resources for site creation or minimal Wordpress experience

Unique website needs/wants


Includes $5,000 ($6500) Co-op Licensing Fee

Cost estimate varies depending upon website complexity, but begins at $22,500

What is the JCC Digital Co-op?

The JCC Digital Co-op is a collaborative community in which JCCs with a common-core website can share costs of future developments. JCCs also share the cost of licenses, and best-in-class, secure and reliable hosting.

As a Co-op member, you will be part of a user community of JCCs and enjoy member-to-member support with an online forum. Most importantly, you will be able to take advantage of opportunities for cost-sharing when the need for new features arises. This system will encourage member JCCs to continually invest in their technology and keep up-to-date with current internet trends.

Do we have to be part of the JCC Digital Co-op?

No, a JCC does not have to be part of the JCC Digital Co-op to use the JCC Web Builder. JCCs may elect to license the JCC Web Builder and host and maintain their sites independently.

JCCs that are members of the JCC Digital Co-op will benefit from ongoing updates, shared monitored hosting and cost-sharing for new features. In addition, the shared hosting environment reduces vendor costs, as this is an optimally controlled and secure environment.

Current Members

Forward-thinking JCCs who have leveraged the web builder and signed on as early adoptors of the Co-op.

In Development

Get in Touch

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About the New Possibilities Group

The JCC Digital Co-op is partnered with the New Possibilities Group as their web design and development partner.

Founded in 2001, the NP Group focuses on providing customers with custom web design and development solutions. The NP Group team is a collection of experienced strategists, designers, developers and technicians who specialize in delivering custom projects to meet the goals and objectives of their customers.

The NP Group divides their offerings into three primary silos:


Only by focusing on a client’s purpose and intent can a digital project be successful. The NP Group has spent countless hours onsite at JCC locations to understand the challenges of running a center and how technology can provide favorable outcomes.


The NP Group understands how a properly designed and developed website can aid the day-to-day operation of a community center. Our software was built with those needs in mind.


The NP Group is working every day to continuously improve the co-op’s software platform for the purpose of advancing the experience for both centers and members.

NP Group is headquartered in Northern New Jersey,

close to New York City, and as our development vendor, works with centers throughout North America.